Pumpkin Run 2018

Our tiny humans: Delilah Hayes, Luke Everett, & Scarlett Wren
Our tiny humans: Delilah Hayes, Luke Everett, & Scarlett Wren

Luke & Lebonheur NICU

Welcome to our TEAM! We are Keith and Raechyl Moore, and we have

three beautiful children: Delilah Hayes, Scarlett Wren, and Luke Everett. 


     When Luke was 6 months old, what we thought was his first ear infection, quickly turned into a scary situation where Luke was no longer able to crawl, pull up, or sit unassisted. I have been a NICU nurse for 7 years at Le Bonheur, and we knew that is where we needed to go to get help for Luke. When we got there, we were blessed to have world class consulting physicians in Neurology, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease, Intensive Care, and ENT, as well as amazing nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and hospitalists. Luke was diagnosed with Infantile Botulism, a disease that affects about 100 kids a year in the entire United States. Le Bonheur worked quickly to fly in the only drug in the world that could slow the progression of infantile botulism, BabyBIG. They got the BabyBIG medicine within 18 hours of Luke being diagnosed. Luke was slowly being paralyzed and this medicine saved him from getting worse and drastically shortened our length of stay in the hospital. We spent 16 days in the hospital learning how to eat and waiting on our nerve receptors in our muscles to regenerate. 


     Throughout our stay, we could not have asked for better treatment or a better example of patient and family centered care. My home away from home saved our baby's life, and we are endlessly grateful. We are honored to be able to give back through the Pumpkin Run so that all of the sweet children in the Mid South can have the resources to one of the best children's hospitals in the country!

     When you give back to Le Bonheur, you are not only helping children in the hospital, but kids in our entire community. Le Bonheur works tirelessly to work in the community to keep kids well, safe, educated, and out of the hospital so they can enjoy what being a kid is all about! Join our team today to be a part of their amazing work. No donation is too small to make a difference <3

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