Meet Kyleigh, our Pumpkin Run chair!

Kyleigh-Teeter-Pumpkin-Run-ChairThe Teeter family was standing in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World for a family photograph when daughter Kyleigh had her first seizure. She had four more seizures by the time she was diagnosed with epilepsy at the local children’s hospital later that day. The doctors in Florida told the Memphis-area family to go to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital when they got home. Much to the family’s surprise, Kyleigh actually had a brain tumor.

Thankfully, Kyleigh was in the right place – Le Bonheur is home to one the nation’s largest pediatric surgical brain tumor programs. Surgeons removed the tumor from Kyleigh’s right temporal lobe. Today, you’d never know that Kyleigh had a tumor. She excels at school and sports. She loves basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics and running. When you support the Pumpkin Run, you give kids like Kyleigh hope for a bright future.