Pumpkin Run Benefiting Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

Angel Warriors

Family and Friends, we would love for you to join us in the 2016 Pumpkin Run benefitting Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. As you all know Connor was born with Tetrology of Fallot, a complex heart defect. We flew from San Diego ,where we were living, just to have the amazing Dr. Knott-Craig to perform his open heart surgery, he was only 9.5 weeks old. The doctors and nurses were brilliant, kind , and caring and comforted us every step of the way. Connor is now in 1st grade thriving! He loves baseball, movies, and hanging out with his friends!

Two years later Abigail was born. After years of therapy and testing she was finally diagnosed with Angelmans Syndrome. A very rare genetic disorder. We are followed by her Neurologist Dr. Wheless and Abigail is also doing amazing and just started at Madonna Learning Center where she is already learning so much from her teachers and peers! 

As you can see, Le Bonheur is near and dear to our hearts and we would love  for all of our family and friends to come out with us and show our support to a hospital we love so much!

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