Pumpkin Run Benefiting Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

Angels for Anabelle

Hello, potential supporter or fellow participant!


Our team name is Angels for Anabelle. Anabelle Krueger is a 14 month old fighter who has been in and out of Le Bonheur due to seizures amongst other complications, which they believe is caused by some sort of genetic mutation. She is one of two individuals that have seen the same genetic mutation, so there isn't much research history on what is going on or how to handle it. Although she makes strides, we continue to pray for her and be her "earthly angels" by doing whatever we can. Our participation in this race, no matter how slow, is a show of support for sweet Anabelle, her parents, and the other families at Le Bonheur who constantly are fighting to have as "normal" a life as possible. Every dollar counts, every runner is appreciated. Please be involved somehow to give back to this special hospital and the angels that work inside of it. Thanks! 

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