Pumpkin Run 2019

Sofia's Superheroes

Thanks for joining Sofia's Superheroes!

Each of you has been a part of this journey with us and we are so excited to walk/run together on October 19th. Wear lots of PURPLE, the symbolic color for the fight against EPILEPSY!

Our connection with LeBonheur started almost 3 years ago when we witnessed Sofia having a seizure for the first time. Words cannot express the fear and helplessness we felt. This road hasn't been without its bumps and bruises (quite literally) with ER visits, blood draws, inpatient monitoring, frequent medication changes and a strict regimen.

We are blessed to have found some stability in the last 6 months and this is because of the help we've received from LeBonheur. Please help us to help Sofia and others like her! Please consider joining us at this year's LeBonheur Pumpkin Run on October 19, 2019. You may also make a direct donation through my fundraising page.

Every litle bit helps! Let's end epilepsy together!

Thank you for your generosity! It means a lot!






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